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About StreamLegends

StreamLegends is a Twitch Extension created by Proletariat Inc. Fight monsters, loot treasure, build your channel’s town and raid together!
It was released on August 31st, 2017 for all channels to add in their panel bars.

As you defeat monsters you level up and gain gear which helps you grow stronger and beat more difficult monsters. For those looking for an even greater challenge in StreamLegends, you can participate in a raid. A raid is a timed battle where the Top 10 players are guaranteed a certain level of gear as loot. Join in the community and let Twitch chat know a raid is happening so you can complete it in time!

You have one StreamLegends character that is universal throughout Twitch! So jump into any channel and start leveling up without losing progress if you change to a different channel. Town progress however is channel-based, and does not carry over like your character, gear, and gold do.

About StreamLegends Library

StreamLegends Library (SLL) is an all-inclusive source for all your StreamLegends needs! Find stats on gear, enemies and their abilities, and how much gold you need to hit that next level in town! We’re looking to help you as you grow in your StreamLegends journey and to provide useful updates as the game changes with patches. Currently we are on version 1.5

We have a max level calculator (current max level: 50) so you can see just how many monsters you need to slay to climb to the top of the StreamLegends leaderboard!

If you have a question or an interesting addition to the site, we have a forum section that is open and free!